Lil Bow Peep


Attention: Bow Hunters Who Wish to Dramatically Improve Their Success!

Announcing Lil Bow Peep, a New Archery Sight that’s Guaranteed to Improve Your Accuracy up to 300%!

 **A Must-Have for Archery Hunters and Shooters of All Ages**


Mickey Kennedy 

Hi, I’m Mickey Kennedy, inventor of Lil Bow Peep. I invented this sight because I was a terrible archer - I could only hit a 20-inch by 20-inch target at 20 yards! Now, with Lil Bow Peep, I can keep a 3-inch group at 30 yards! I now hunt much more with a bow thus extending my hunting season. Lil Bow Peep is guaranteed or your money back. And it’s engineered and developed in Medina, Ohio, the good ole USA!


What’s the secret to the Lil Bow Peep’s dramatic increase in accuracy?

Archers Bow with Lil Bow Peep mounted
Original Lil' Bow Peep (click to magnify)
  • This new sight removes the peep from the bow string and places it on the bow, so bow torque is eliminated. 
  • Lightweight and easy to install, Lil Bow Peep allows for faster target acquisition – and you can shoot with both eyes open! 
  • Lil Bow Peep is an adjustable peep that mounts on most bows and works with any draw weight. You can shoot at any desired distance and tune your bow for that distance. 
  • Comes with a lighted fiber optic pin for those gray days and ball bearing mounted pendulum aperture which will correct aim point for arrow trajectory from an elevated position.  




The price is only $64.95, a fantastic deal with features not offered on any other sight! 

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This sight will improve the average archer’s accuracy from a basketball size group to a baseball size at 30 yards!

“As a professional shooter and archery teacher, it takes something special to catch my attention. I was asked by the inventor to shoot and critique his new sight with honesty. After setting up the signt, I found that this sight shot just as well as my $300.00 sight. Although I continue to shoot competition with my multi-pin sight, I would never go hunting with anything else [other than Lil Bow Peep]. As Mickey [the inventor] claims, it is truly the hunters’ bow sight.”
Joe Hershberger, Millersburg, Ohio

“When I was first introduced to the Lil Bow Peep archery sight I first thought, oh no another gimmick. Now that I have it on my bow it has taken me from a pie plate group at 20 yards to a situation that I have to move my bullseye around. I now shoot a hole in the target. Thanks to this new sight, I feel a lot more comfortable shooting a much tighter group at a longer distance.”
Bob Voyner, Litchfield, Ohio

Lil Bow Peep archers site
Mounting position (click to magnify)
Lil Bow Peep archers site
Starting point when attached (click to magnify)

Competition shooters are all saying “what took so long!” The bow peep is a replacement for the traditional “peep hole” in a standard bow string. Lil Bow Peep is made of the highest quality materials so that it will last deer season after deer season.

We will replace manufactured parts for up to 3 years!

The patented design uses fiber optics and modern engineering to give the average archer an unnatural advantage. Are you ready to dramatically improve your accuracy and start hitting more targets?


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Lil Bow Peep archers site
Sight picture (click to magnify)
Lil Bow Peep archers site
Start here (click to magnify)










Lil Bow Peep is a 21st century sight whose simplicity makes it easy to become a good archer. The secret lies in the adjustable peep which amazingly adapts to your shooting habits. Remember, Lil Bow Peep fits most bows in the marketplace, is lightweight, and easy to install.

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And although we didn’t create Lil Bow Peep specifically for those with vision impairments, we did get noticed at the Buckmasters Expo for creating a sight that is easily adaptable for the sight-impaired and their spotters. To read the whole article, click here.


Lil Bow Peep is guaranteed to improve your accuracy at a low price of $64.95! announces for 2011 the second generation pendulum peep!!!

Archers Bow with Lil Bow Peep mounted
2nd Generation Lil' Bow Peep (click to magnify)

This second generation peep is truly the tree stand peep for the conventional hunter still using the string peep. The only multi-pin pendulum sight on the market, this all new Archers Bow Peep pendulum peep comes with 3 pins and can accomodate more as needed. The ball bearing mounted pendulum comes with fiber optic light and stays perpendicular at all times.

The new second generation pendulum peep comes priced right at only $49.95.

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All orders will be processed within two days, and delivery will be three days after that. Manufactured parts will be replaced at no charge to you for up to three years!

Email with any questions or comments.